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Heat storage. With energy-saving combi-cylinders.

The Weishaupt combi-cylinder.

The Weishaupt combi-cylinder has DHW and buffer parts and serves as an interface between the boiler and the building's heating circuit. Combi-cylinders are an ideal solution where there is little space available. A highly effective special thermal insulation ensures low heat losses. The flexibility of these cylinders means that solar integration is also possible, so that the power of the sun can also provide heat.


Alongside the ease of drawing off water and the extraordinary thermal insulation and water treatment quality, the issues of cleanliness and hygiene are of crucial importance. All surfaces in contact with potable water are thus sealed with high-quality enamel or else made of stainless steel.

Highly effective insulation

Composite thermal insulation consisting of a vacuum insulation panel and high-density polyurethane foam provides excellent protection and keeps heat losses to a minimum. Efficiency is maximised accordingly.

System solution
Ready-to-install unit

All hydraulic components are flexibly combined within a compact and space-saving housing. A solar thermal system for DHW heating or a circulation line can also be connected.

Weishaupt WKS combi-cylinder

The combi-cylinder brings together all of the components needed to connect the heat pump to the heating circuit within a single compact housing. This greatly reduces the amount of installation work required. It contains a 300-litre DHW cylinder, a 100-litre buffer tank, hydraulic components, transfer and circulation pumps, and electric auxiliary heating. The combi-cylinder is designed for use with many of the Weishaupt heat pumps.

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Heating system efficiency labels. Helping you decide.

You've seen it on fridges, washing machines, and televisions: the efficiency label. Heating systems have an ErP product label too, with all the technical details you need to help you with your purchasing decision.

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WKS: The combi-cylinder for heat pumps.

The hydraulic system with DHW heater, buffer tank, pumps, etc. The compact package solution for a Weishaupt heat pump.

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