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Tapping the heat source

The ideal one-stop solution: The Weishaupt Group not only offers the heat pump equipment, it is also able to undertake all the necessary borehole drilling. Its subsidiary, BauGrund Süd, is one of Europe's leading geothermal companies.

Deep-down safety

Borehole drilling at a domestic property BauGrund Süd has more than 30 drilling rigs in service across Europe

A professionally drilled, correctly dimensioned heat-exchanger borehole is essential for a properly functioning brine-to-water heat pump. Weishaupt's subsidiary, BauGrund Süd, is one of the most capable near-surface geothermal businesses in Europe.

Knowledge and professionalism: The experience gained from more than 10,000 sites - with well over 2 million metres drilled - means safety and reliability are guaranteed.

Site safety: Qualified personnel, high-performance drilling rigs, frequent TÜV inspections and fully comprehensive insurance all serve to eliminate risk.

Deep down: BauGrund Süd can drill to a depth of 300 m.

Long-term performance: BauGrund Süd's borehole heat exchangers form an integral part of a property, and so are designed for use over many generations.

Complete package: BauGrund Süd obtains the necessary permits, provides a professional drilling service, and undertakes the connection of the borehole heat exchangers to the heat pump.

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