The compact unit has an extremely small footprint The portable remote control unit The Weishaupt Aqua Power (WAP) cylinder The Weishaupt Aqua Integra (WAI) cylinder

Oil-fired condensing boilers are particularly economical and environmentally friendly. Weishaupt condensing boilers make use not only of the fuel's nett calorific value, but also the heat contained within the flue gases. Compared to low-temperature systems with a nett efficiency of around 95 %, Weishaupt's oil-fired condensing boilers are 105 % efficient.

The Weishaupt Thermo Condens Compact combines a modern oil-fired condensing boiler with an efficient thermal store. The integrated DHW cylinder has a very small footprint. Hot water made easy.

Innovative combustion technology: The newly developed premix oil burner with rotational atomiser precisely controls oil consumption with an infinitely variable response to current heat demand between 6 and 15 kW.

Particularly quiet: Just like a gas-fired condensing boiler, the boiler is almost completely silent thanks to its modulating operation and innovative preparation of the fuel/air mixture

The master saver: The boiler's modulating response to current heat demand makes it very economical. The Class-A efficiency cirulating pump fitted as standard also contributes to the boiler's economical operation.

Easy to operate: The WTC-OW is set and controlled using a portable controller, either directly at the boiler or from elsewhere in the building. Remote operation and maintenance (e.g. via the internet) can be achieved using the optional Weishaupt WCM-COM communications module.

Innovative stratified cylinder: The Weishaupt Aqua Power's innovative stratification provides a large degree of DHW convenience.

Economical alternative: The WTC Compact is also available with a tried-and-tested 100-litre DHW cylinder with integral coil heat exchanger, the Weishaupt Aqua Integra.

Environmentally friendly fuel: The WTC-OW is designed for use with low-sulphur gas oil (DIN 51603-1). Neutralisation of the flue-gas condensate is not necessary.

Long service life: The aluminium/silicon heat exchanger is corrosion-resistant and has excellent heat transfer properties, contributing greatly to the energy-efficient operation of the boiler.

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