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Weishaupt Thermo Unit S oil-fired heating system (WTU-S-B)

A condensing module turns this tried-and-tested steel boiler into a highly efficient condensing boiler.


Weishaupt Thermo Unit boiler The unique ThermoSafe-System ensures the boiler's longevity Boiler with condensing module

The Weishaupt Thermo Unit S is a compact, oil-fired boiler which can operate as a condensing boiler if equipped with an optional, external condensing module. The condensing module recovers heat from the flue gases, feeding this additional energy into the heating circuit.

Economical and environmentally friendly: Making use of the heat in the flue gases reduces the consumption of fuel oil. The Weishaupt Thermo Unit S is available in eight ratings from 15 to 55 kW. Three of the ratings (15 to 25 kW) can be equipped with condensing modules.

Comprehensive range of accessories: Flue gas systems, energy-efficent pumps, controllers, etc. - all available from Weishaupt.

Easy to operate: The Weishaupt WRS controller makes it possible to change settings directly at the boiler or from elsewhere in the building.

Long service life: The flue gas is condensed outside the boiler in an external, ceramic-lined, corrosion-proof condensing module. Weishaupt's unique ThermoSafe system prevents the build-up of condensation in the boiler, thereby ensuring the boiler's longevity.

Small footprint: The Thermo Unit needs very little space, as the boiler and burner are arranged vertically.

Solar support: The Weishaupt Thermo-Unit is perfectly suited to use with Weishaupt solar energy systems.

DHW cylinders

Weishaupt Aqua Standard: WAS 150 - 500

This DHW cylinder is available in five sizes, so that precisely the right capacity can be selected for any application. The generously dimensioned heating coil enables rapid heating, and the cylinder's PU-foam insulation keeps the temperature level constant for long periods, saving energy.

WAS 200

Weishaupt Aqua Tower: WAT 140

The slim Weishaupt Aqua Tower can help when boiler room space is limited. Its 140-litre volume and high-capacity heat exchanger make it perfectly adequate for two to four-person households. Nor should the design aspect be overlooked - the Aqua Tower is an elegant solution with any Weishaupt boiler or heating system.

WAT 140

Weishaupt thermal store: WES-A 660/910, version C

Weishaupt thermal stores organise and distribute the heat produced by different energy sources (gas or oil-fired condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar collectors, solid-fuel boilers, or stoves) with an exemplary degree of efficiency. Inlet dampers ensure that the ideal temperature stratification is always maintained within the thermal store. Energy is also drawn off in an economical manner, with solar energy having priority over any other source.

WES 660 A-C

Weishaupt Aqua Sol: WASol 310 - 510

A bivalent cylinder for solar DHW heating. Bivalent means that there are two heating coils within the cylinder; the lower coil is connected to the solar circuit, the upper to the heating system. If the energy provided by the solar circuit is not sufficient for heating the water in the cylinder, the heating system is switched on automatically. Three large gradations allow precise dimensioning for optimal heating convenience with minimal energy consumption.

WASol 310 410

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