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Weishaupt Thermo Condens gas-fired condensing boiler (WTC-GB, 18.5 to 290 kW)

With ratings from 18.5 to 290 kW, this boiler is ideal for heating larger buildings.


WTC-GB gas-fired condensing boiler Cut-away drawing of a WTC-GB condensing boiler Portable controller on the boiler or elsewhere in the building

Weishaupt gas-fired condensing boilers use almost all of the energy stored in the fuel, converting it efficiently into heat. A condensing boiler uses the energy which in older heating systems is lost to atmosphere with the flue gases. In so doing, nett efficiency is increased to around 110 % compared to less than 100 % for low-temperature systems.

Larger capacity range: With ratings from 18.5 to 290 kW, the WTC-GB is ideally suited to heating larger buildings and installations. Up to four boilers can be combined in a cascade for a total rating up to 1160 kW. Lower ratings are catered for by the Weishaupt WTC-GW condensing boiler.

High efficiency: The maximum utilisation factor is 109 % nett, equivalent to 99.4 % gross. This is at the limit of what can be physically achieved.

Quiet operation: Operational noise is effectively reduced by the integrated inlet silencer (up to 210 kW).

Exemplary reliability: An electronic monitoring system uses sensors in the flue gas and in the flow and return, as well as a low-water-level switch, to control the thermal efficiency of the WTC-GB. Electromagnetic influences are precluded by the separation of 230 V and low-voltage lines.

Interfacing options: Even the standard version's interfacing options facilitate connection with a building automation system.

Easy to operate: The boiler can be equipped with the WCM-FS remote control, which is menu-driven via a back-lit, four-line, clear-text display. Remote operation and maintenance (e.g. via the internet) can be achieved using the optional Weishaupt WCM-COM module.

High quality: Weishaupt condensing boilers are the result of years of experience and developmental work. Only high-quality materials and components are used during manufacture.

System technology: Weishaupt has a comprehensive range of accessories – flue-gas systems, DHW cylinders, hydraulic components, controllers, and solar collectors for DHW or heating support. All from the same place and all perfectly matched to each other.


Weishaupt Gas-Brennwertkessel WTC-GB 90 bis 1200 kW
Weishaupt Gas-Brennwertkessel WTC-GB 90 bis 1200 kW
PDF • 2.0 MB

Operating instructions

WCM-FS 2.0 manual
WCM-FS 2.0 manual
PDF • 750.4 KB
WTC-GB 90 manual
WTC-GB 90 manual
PDF • 3.5 MB
WTC-GB 120-300 manual
WTC-GB 120-300 manual
PDF • 5.4 MB

DHW cylinders

Weishaupt Aqua Standard: WAS 150 - 500

This DHW cylinder is available in five sizes, so that precisely the right capacity can be selected for any application. The generously dimensioned heating coil enables rapid heating, and the cylinder's PU-foam insulation keeps the temperature level constant for long periods, saving energy.

WAS 200

Weishaupt Aqua Tower: WAT 140

The slim Weishaupt Aqua Tower can help when boiler room space is limited. Its 140-litre volume and high-capacity heat exchanger make it perfectly adequate for two to four-person households. Nor should the design aspect be overlooked - the Aqua Tower is an elegant solution with any Weishaupt boiler or heating system.

WAT 140

Weishaupt thermal store: WES-A 660/910, version C

Weishaupt thermal stores organise and distribute the heat produced by different energy sources (gas or oil-fired condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar collectors, solid-fuel boilers, or stoves) with an exemplary degree of efficiency. Inlet dampers ensure that the ideal temperature stratification is always maintained within the thermal store. Energy is also drawn off in an economical manner, with solar energy having priority over any other source.

WES 660 A-C

Weishaupt Aqua Sol: WASol 310 - 510

A bivalent cylinder for solar DHW heating. Bivalent means that there are two heating coils within the cylinder; the lower coil is connected to the solar circuit, the upper to the heating system. If the energy provided by the solar circuit is not sufficient for heating the water in the cylinder, the heating system is switched on automatically. Three large gradations allow precise dimensioning for optimal heating convenience with minimal energy consumption.

WASol 310 410


Weishaupt heats museum

Georg Friedrich, Ritter (Baronet) von Müller (1760-1843), was a minister at the court of the Prince of Thurn and Taxis. A wealthy man, he had a villa built on the outskirts of the German town of Regensburg in 1804-06. Today, his so-called "Herzogpalais" (Ducal Palace) is home to the East Bavarian Museum of Natural History, with permanent exhibits on geology and the East Bavaria region. Its historic hall has very good accoustics and is ideally suited to music recitals or readings, and such events take place here regularly. The comfort of the museum's visitors is guranteed, as they are kept warm by a 120 kW Weishaupt gas-fired WTC-GB condensing boiler.

Regensburg Museum aussen
Regensburg Museum innen

System technology provides optimal capacity range

The open-air pool in the German town of Wanfried is popular with visitors as early as May each year. This may have something to do with the agreeable water temperature. A gas-fired WTC-GB 300 condensing boiler with 17 solar collectors warms the water and provides heat to the lido (which has a peak load of 290 kW in May) and to the neighbouring apartment (less than 5 kW). Acommodating such a vast difference in heat demand is possible thanks to well-thought-out Weishaupt system technology.

Kassel Wanfried aussen

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