Weishaupt O2 trim and VSD at Potsdam University

For the University of Potsdam in Golm, one of Germany's foremost research centres for mathematics and the natural sciences, the careful use of resources and energy is not a purely theoretical matter. The optimisation and expansion of the district heating station to include a Weishaupt G50 burner with O2 trim and variable speed drive, a WM-GL10 dual-fuel burner, and a boiler sequencing system was an opportunity to put such good ideas into practice.

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Weishaupt at the opera

Two Weishaupt WM-G10 burners are keeping temperatures at the Dusseldorf Opera House at a constant level despite fluctuating conditions. No mean feat, since even the number of visitors (ranging from 0 during rehearsals to up to 1300 during a performance) can massively affect the heat demand. Control technology regulates the eight ventilation and air-conditioning units that provide 156,700 m³ of air at the right temperature for visitors, musicians, and their instruments.

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