Flue gas recirculation

Flue gas recirculation

The 4LN-version of the current WM 20 to WM 50 range of Weishaupt monarch® burners can comply with the strictest environmental standards in force worldwide. A 4LN-version burner is equipped with a flue gas recirculation system whose control components are integrated with the burner.

Flue gas recirculation for gaseous fuels: Gaseous fuels are almost completely sulphur free. Consequently, the flue gases consist primarily of carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapour (H2O) and nitrogen (N2) and the flue gas recirculation system does not become fouled by ash or soot.

Specially designed mixing assemblies: Specially designed mixing assemblies and digital combustion management ensure that the key characteristics of Weishaupt burners – reliable ignition, a high degree of flame stability, and safe operation – remain very much to the fore.

Dosing: The compact dosing unit consisting of temperature sensor and flue gas damper with actuator is worth mentioning. It is flanged directly to the air regulator housing and facilitates complete system testing at the factory. This reduces the installation work and commissioning time on site.

Control: The FGR system is controlled by the W-FM 200 combustion manager. An additional software module ensures the return of a temperature-compensated volume of flue gas at all operating stages, reliable cold start behaviour, and the highest degree of operational availability.

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