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WKmono-series burners (up to 17,000 kW)

Weishaupt’s most powerful monobloc burner.


WKmono 80 burners are Weishaupt’s most powerful monobloc burner. Rated up to 17,000 kW, they have been designed primarily for heavy-duty industrial applications. They are available as gas or dual-fuel burners.


Powerful and compact: Despite its relatively compact design – the burner is only 1630 mm long – the WKmono 80 has a capacity ranging from 12 to 17 MW. Many of its perfectly adapted features, for example the mixing assembly, come from the tried-and-tested duobloc WK-series burner range.

Digital combustion management: Digital combustion management, with which this series is equipped as standard, provides economic control of the fuel and simplifies burner operation and maintenance. A user-friendly menu takes the commissioning engineer step by step through the commissioning process. The combustion manager also facilitates integration with various monitoring and controls systems, including complete building management systems.

Well-thought-out design: All of the burner’s components are readily accessible, which greatly simplifies servicing work. The mixing assembly can be moved to a servicing position within the burner housing. Mixing assemblies up to 700 mm in length can even be fully removed through the burner housing, which can thus remain mounted to the boiler.

Tailored versions: WKmono-series burners are available in different versions to suit different applications. Different mixing assemblies are available to suit particular emission level requirements.

Numerous fuels: Suitable for use with natural gas, LPG, and light fuel oil (35 second gas oil and B10 biodiesel/gas oil blends).

That's reliability: A comprehensive service and support network is available to customers, ensuring that combustion plant fitted with a Weishaupt burner always operates reliably.


Weishaupt WKmono 80
Weishaupt WKmono 80
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Weishaupt combustion managers
Weishaupt combustion managers
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Flue gas recirculation

Current Weishaupt burners in 4LN version meet the world's strictest environmental specifications. A 4LN-version burner is equipped with a flue gas recirculation system whose control components are integrated with the burner.

Flue gas recirculation for gaseous fuels: Gaseous fuels are almost completely sulphur free. Consequently, the flue gases consist primarily of carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapour (H2O) and nitrogen (N2) and the flue gas recirculation system does not become fouled by ash or soot.

Specially designed mixing assemblies: Specially designed mixing assemblies and digital combustion management ensure that the key characteristics of Weishaupt burners – reliable ignition, a high degree of flame stability, and safe operation – remain very much to the fore.

Dosing: The compact dosing unit consisting of temperature sensor and flue gas damper with actuator is worth mentioning. It is flanged directly to the air regulator housing and facilitates complete system testing at the factory. This reduces the installation work and commissioning time on site.

Control: The FGR system is controlled by the W-FM 200 combustion manager. An additional software module ensures the return of a temperature-compensated volume of flue gas at all operating stages, reliable cold start behaviour, and the highest degree of operational availability.


Weishaupt’s patented multiflam® technology enables large combustion plant to achieve particularly low emissions.

At the heart of the technology lies a special mixing assembly that produces an internal flue gas recirculation. This cools the flame, limiting the production of oxides of nitrogen. NOₓ levels can be achieved that are comparable with the emissions from compact burners.

Good price/capacity ratio: Additional boiler-side equipment, such as external flue gas recirculation, is only necessary when market-specific ultra-low-NOx emission limits have to be met.

Optimal combustion: The mixing assembly distributes the fuel amongst various nozzles. Combustion takes place via a primary nozzle and concentrically arranged secondary nozzles. The primary flame ensures the overall flame remains stable and reliable throughout the whole turndown range.

Highly versatile: The various Weishaupt multiflam® burners together cover a range of 100 kW to 23,000 kW.

Digital combustion technology: The latest technology controls the fuel and air feeds, guaranteeing optimal combustion figures.

Long service life: There are many years of experience and development behind Weishaupt's burner equipment. Only the best quality materials are used in manufacture.

Modern fuels: Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are generally suitable for use with light fuel oil (35 second gas oil, low-sulphur gas oil, and B10 biodiesel/gas oil blends).

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