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Burner sizes 50–70 (500–11,700 kW)

These versatile, large-capacity monobloc burners were designed especially for industial and energy-sector applications.


L50 oil burner RL50 oil burner RGL70 dual-fuel burner

These tried-and-tested gas, oil, and dual-fuel burners were designed especially for industial and energy-sector applications.

Versatility: The burners are rated between 500 and 11,700 kW and are suited for numerous applications, from hot-water and steam boilers to air heaters and the latest heavy-duty boilers. The industrial burners are available in a broad range of versions and can be operated using almost any gaseous or liquid fuel. Consequently Weishaupt can offer a suitable burner for almost any application.

Digital combustion management: Digital combustion management, with which this series is equipped as standard, provides economic control of the fuel and simplifies burner operation and maintenance. It also facilitates integration with various monitoring and controls systems, including complete building management systems.

Maintenance-friendly: The burner is well designed, with all components readily accessible. This simplifies servicing, and facilitatates a rapid recommissioning.

High quality: Select materials, decades of experience in Weishaupt's Research & Development Institute, and the latest production methods combine to reinforce Weishaupt burners'  global recognition as a top-quality product.

That's reliability: A comprehensive service and support network is available to customers, ensuring that combustion plant fitted with a Weishaupt burner always operates reliably.


Industrial burners (1,000 – 11,700 kW) - versatile and reliable
Industrial burners (1,000 – 11,700 kW) - versatile and reliable
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Vertically firing monobloc burners
Vertically firing monobloc burners
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Optimising multi-boiler plant
Optimising multi-boiler plant
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Weishaupt combustion managers
Weishaupt combustion managers
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Weishaupt’s patented multiflam® technology enables large combustion plant to achieve particularly low emissions.

At the heart of the technology lies a special mixing assembly that produces an internal flue gas recirculation. This cools the flame, limiting the production of oxides of nitrogen. NOₓ levels can be achieved that are comparable with the emissions from compact burners.

Good price/capacity ratio: Additional boiler-side equipment, such as external flue gas recirculation, is only necessary when market-specific ultra-low-NOx emission limits have to be met.

Optimal combustion: The mixing assembly distributes the fuel amongst various nozzles. Combustion takes place via a primary nozzle and concentrically arranged secondary nozzles. The primary flame ensures the overall flame remains stable and reliable throughout the whole turndown range.

Highly versatile: The various Weishaupt multiflam® burners together cover a range of 100 kW to 23,000 kW.

Digital combustion technology: The latest technology controls the fuel and air feeds, guaranteeing optimal combustion figures.

Long service life: There are many years of experience and development behind Weishaupt's burner equipment. Only the best quality materials are used in manufacture.

Modern fuels: Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are generally suitable for use with light fuel oil (35 second gas oil, low-sulphur gas oil, and B10 biodiesel/gas oil blends).


50,000 kW for Premium AEROTEC

Premium AEROTEC's core business is the development and construction of structures and production systems for civilian and military aircraft out of titanium, aluminium, and carbon-fibre composites. Premium AEROTEC, a fully-owned subsidiary of EADS, occupies a leading position in its sector: No. 1 for aircraft structures in Europe, No. 5 worldwide. High-quality technology is also being used in the heating centres at its four plants in Augsburg, Germany: Ten Weishaupt industrial burners and a gas-fired condensing boiler together provide some 50,000 kW of power.

Augsburg Aerotec aussen
Augsburg Aerotec innen

Industry leader relies on Weishaupt

From a laundry to a leading textile-industry service provider: Bardusch's 3500 employees currently look after and supply around 76,000 customers worldwide, providing approximately one million people with workwear. Two Weishaupt G70 industrial burners with digital combustion management, variable speed drive, and O2 trim are in use at their headquarters in Ettlingen, reliably producing 14,000 kW of heat which is used to generate the steam needed to clean the various textiles.

Karlsruhe Bardusch aussen
Karlsruhe Bardusch innen

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