Weishaupt atop Germany's highest mountain

Two Weishaupt W-series oil burners are proving themselves to be "highly" reliable, operating at the summit of Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze, at an altitude of almost 3000 m. The thin air at this altitude presents a particular challenge. Its greatly reduced oxygen content has an effect on combustion, limiting the burners to 60 percent of their usual capacity – nevertheless, even this reduced ouput is generated stably and reliably.

Muenchen Zugspitze aussen
Muenchen Zugspitze innen

Weishaupt at Neuschwanstein Castle

At one of the world's most well-known castles, Weishaupt is demonstrating how the latest combustion technology can blend in with classical buildings. Neuschwanstein Castle was built on the orders of the legendary "Swan King" Ludwig II of Bavaria. Today, two Weishaupt WG30 gas burners protect the castle from weather damage and keep visitors to the tourist attraction warm within its old walls.

Augsburg Neuschwanstein aussen
Augsburg Neuschwanstein innen

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