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Privacy policy

Data Protection Statement of Weishaupt (UK) Limited

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our company and our products. Protecting your privacy when using our website is important to us. Please read the information below.

1 The data we use, how long for, and for what purpose

1.1 Informative use of the website

Extent of data processing. For the purely informative use of our website, i.e. if you do not otherwise provide us with information but merely retrieve and read content, we collect only the personal data that are transmitted to our server by your browser. When visiting our website this includes the following data: IP address, date and time of the request, time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), contents of the web page (specific search), access status/HTTP status code, amount of data transmitted, website from which the request is received, browser, operating system and its interface, language, and version of browser software.

Purpose and legal basis. The purpose of this data processing is to make the retrieval of the website technically possible and to ensure reliability and security. The legal basis for data processing is the protection of our legitimate interests. For the purposes just mentioned, our legitimate interest also lies in data processing.

Duration of data storage. The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose of the enquiry. If the data are used to access the website, they will be deleted when the respective session is ended. IP addresses are stored for seven days to track abuse.

1.2 Downloading material (manuals, sales brochures, etc.)

If you wish to download manuals, sales brochures or other content from our site, Section 1.1 shall apply accordingly.

1.3 Contacting us / ordering informational material

Extent of data processing. Our website offers forms which can be used to contact us electronically to order informational material or to request a free consultation. The data entered into an online form will be transmitted to us and processed. These data include: company, salutation, first name, surname, building number, street, town, postcode, email address, telephone area code and number, information about the heating technology in which you are interested, and any information entered in a comment box. If you request a consultation, the serial number of your Weishaupt equipment and a subject matter will be requested. The following information will have to be entered into the form: first name, surname, street, town, postcode, and email address. If the enquiry is sent via the contact form, any additional data will be used in accordance with Section 1.1. You can, of course, also communicate with us via the email address provided, in which case personal data provided in the email will be used. Only designated employees within the Weishaupt Group and its representatives (appointed dealers) have access to your data.

Purpose and legal basis. The data will be used solely to enable us to process your enquiry within the Weishaupt Group and through its representatives (appointed dealers). Your consent is the legal basis for processing the data. The data transmitted to us will be processed on the basis of our legitimate interest. In this case, our legitimate interest lies in data processing.

Duration of data storage. The data referred to in this subsection will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose of the enquiry. This is the case when the respective process has been completed. The process is complete when your enquiry has been dealt with, for example, when your questions have been answered.

1.4 Application for employment

Extent of data processing. If you apply for employment with us via the website, we process any information we receive from you during the application process, e. g. via uploaded letter of application, CV, certificates, correspondence, as well as any information provided to us in person or via telephone. In addition to your contact details, we attach particular importance to your education, your work experience and your qualifications. We will not conduct background checks about you on the internet. We will not use any information in the application process that identifies racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, or religious or ideological beliefs, nor any genetic data, biometric data uniquely identifying a natural person, or information concerning health, sex life, sexual orientation, pregnancy or family planning, age, or gender. From the outset, we ask you not to provide us with such information. If you have voluntarily provided us with information about your gender and if we have existing information about severe disability we will contact you in accordance with statutory provisions prior to using this information. You are, however, under no obligation to provide us with such information.

Purpose and legal basis. Your data will initially be used solely for the application process. If your application is successful, it will be used as part of your personnel file and for the purpose of implementing and terminating the employment relationship. If we are currently unable to offer you employment, we will only use your data to defend ourselves against any legal claims, in particular for alleged discrimination in the application process. If you are entitled to reimbursements, the corresponding accounting documents will be processed to fulfil the commercial and tax-related retention requirements. The basis of data processing in the application process is the power to process personal data for employment purposes, if this is necessary for a decision to establish an employment relationship or, after an employment relationship has been established, for its implementation or termination. We use information and documents that you have provided to us without a corresponding request based on your consent. If your application is unsuccessful, we will use your data for a short time (see below) to protect our legitimate interests. Legitimate interest in this respect is the defence against legal claims. The storage of commercial or business letters and accounting documents is required to meet tax and commercial regulations (Section 147 of the German Fiscal Code (AO), Section 257 of the German Commercial Code (HGB))

Duration of data storage. If your application is successful, your application data will be processed according to the rules applicable to personnel files and deleted if necessary. If your application is unsuccessful, we will delete your data no more than six months after the letter of rejection has been sent. If you are eligible to receive reimbursements, the corresponding accounting documents will be retained until 31 March of the eleventh calendar year after the payment was made, and for commercial and business letters and other tax-relevant documents up to the seventh calendar year after their accruement to meet commercial and tax-related retention obligations.

1.5 Annual coefficient calculator

Extent of data processing. Our website offers a form which can be used to calculate so-called annual coefficient figures. This application is provided by the German Heat Pump Association (BWP). Any data entered in the input mask are transmitted to BWP and processed by them. These data include: name, postcode, town, street, building number, heating limit temperature, flow and return temperatures, heat source, mode of operation, hot water (share: % of total heat demand) and generator. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. If the data are sent via the contact form, the following additional data will be processed: IP address of user, date and time. On request, special buttons can be used to send data directly to a web service of the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

Purpose and legal basis. The data will be used exclusively for the purpose of calculating the annual coefficient figures. Legal basis for the processing of data is our legitimate interest. Legitimate interest here is the indirect promotion of our products and the support of the user in the application for funding.

Duration of data storage. The data referred to in this subparagraph will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose of the enquiry. This is the case once the calculation has been made and the website is subsequently closed.

1.6 Cookies

Extent of data processing.
Our website uses only technically necessary cookies. Cookies are text files, which are stored on your computer by your browser. Cookies contain strings, which facilitate the unique identification of your browser when you revisit the site. Some elements of our website require that the browser requesting access can also be identified after a page change. For example, we must be able to determine whether you have agreed to our Terms of Use before downloading certain content from our databases. The following data is stored and transmitted in the cookies: Language setting, Acceptance of Terms of Use.

Purpose and legal basis. We use cookies to enable the use of certain functions of our websites. The setting of cookies - as they are technically necessary cookies - is based on our legitimate interest. The purpose described here includes our legitimate interest.

Duration of data storage. Cookies are stored on your computer. The duration of storage can be identified in the overview for cookie settings of your browser. You can prevent or restrict the transfer of cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Cookies that have already been saved can be deleted at any time. This can also be done automatically, e. g. when you close your browser. If cookies on our website are disabled, it may not be possible to use all the functions of the website to the full.


2 Rights of a data subject

Your rights as a data subject are comprehensively guaranteed by us. The following is a brief explanation of these rights:

2.1 Advertising objection

You may object to the future use of your data for promotional purposes at any time.

2.2 Withdrawal of consent

You may withdraw your consent to the future use of personal data at any time.

2.3 Other rights

If we process personal data about you, legal provisions regarding your personal data give you the right

• to access the data, to correct or erase the data, as well as
• to limit the use of the data, to oppose the use of the data, and to restrict data transfer.

You also have the right to make a complaint to a Data Protection Authority about the way in which we have used your personal data.

3 Security

We offer you the option to encrypt the personal information you send to us. This encryption protects the confidentiality of the data exchange between you and our webserver and helps to prevent the misuse of data, e. g.  through interception. We use TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is a recognised and widely used method.

4 Contact

The responsible party for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is:

Weishaupt (UK) Ltd
Neachells Lane
WV13 3RG
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1902 609841

If you have specific questions about data protection, please address them to our data protection officer by emailing We will process your enquiry immediately and inform you about the action we have taken.

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