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Tapping the heat source

The ideal one-stop solution: The Weishaupt Group not only offers the heat pump equipment, it is also able to undertake all the necessary borehole drilling. Its subsidiary, BauGrund Süd, is one of Europe's leading geothermal companies.

Thermal wells

Borehole drilling at a domestic property BauGrund Süd has more than 30 drilling rigs in service across Europe

A correctly dimensioned well is essential for a properly functioning water-to-water heat pump. Weishaupt's subsidiary, BauGrund Süd, specialises in such work and is one of the most capable undertakings of this type in Europe.

Knowledge and professionalism: BauGrund Süd have thousands of drilliing profiles in their in-house database and can predict the suitability of any given location with a high degree of accuracy. Copious research is usually sufficient preparation, but in critical cases further test measures are recommended, even up to test drilling.

Site safety: Qualified personnel, high-performance drilling rigs, frequent TÜV inspections and fully comprehensive insurance all serve to eliminate risk.

Complete package: BauGrund Süd obtains the necessary permits, provides a professional drilling service, and undertakes the connection of the wells to the heat pump. They can also assume responsibility for servicing and maintenance.

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